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Es handelt sich um ein Joint Venture von Isuzu (99 %) und Isuzu Motors Asia (1 %). ISUZU CONNECT, ISUZU SUPER JUMBO GOLD EDITION It offers a huge variety of used and new Isuzu cars for sale that are listed by individual sellers and dealers. Mentioned below are detailed prices, specs, and features of all Isuzu vehicles, including popular models such as the D-Max, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23rdMay 2019---ISUZU MOTORS INTERNATIONAL*4announces the launch of its completely new designed service, ISUZU CONNECT, to be distributed by nationwide dealer networks for ISUZU truck users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

اكتسبت شركة اليمني للسيارات على مر السنين جوائز واعتمادات لأفضل جوائز المبيعات وخدمات ما بعد البيع ، وقد حصلت الشركة على الموزع رقم 1 لمركبات ايسوزو في جميع أنحاء العالم منذ عام 2002. 2630,Block No. 1489, Road No. ISUZU HOME PAGE. 1 Isuzu Dealer In The World. Isuzu Motors Saudi Arabia Company Limited ist ein Nutzfahrzeughersteller und -händler im saudi-arabischen Dammam. 2004. Part of the Isuzu Motor Company Group, Isuzu is one that has been in existence and whose fan base has grown considerably for the past 83 years. For the construction of the vehicle Manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia, Isuzu Motors plans to produce 600 trucks for the first year, starting with the production of medium-duty trucks Forward, and then to extend model lineup to heavy- and light-duty trucks. 2003. ISUZU Saudi Arabia Awards! 626, Nuwaidrat,Sh.Jaber Subah Highway, Sitra

2020 and 2019 New Isuzu Models Isuzu 2020 Models With a rich heritage filled with iconic models, awards and achievements dating back to 1924, MG is best known for its two-seat open-top sports cars, as well as its saloons and coupes. 2002. Isuzu Cars for Sale on Motory Saudi Arabia is the first step for anyone looking to buy Isuzu cars. MG Motor is a British-born automotive brand, 94 years young, it has been revived globally by the world’s 7th largest car manufacturer, SAIC Motor. 1 Isuzu Dealer In The World. _ YEMCO has gained throughout the years awards and accreditations for the most distinguish Award Sales and After Sales Services,it has been consistently awarded the No. No. No. No.
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